Why do young athletes take steroids

Where to start… Youth (?) not! Your talking old school maybe junior/ senior in high school workouts using what sounds like old school free wts.. Youth don’t have the strength due to many factors and should be focusing on neuromuscular patterns. They don’t get the strength gains your emphasing until usually 16-17+ when muscle strength and hypertrophy can kick in and it sounds like your talking single plane and axis of movement patterns. Multi plane/ axis movement and activities along with deceleration to acceleration sequencing for overall multi sports are what ‘s neede for youth. With youth it’s the neural system that is the key as strength is extremely limited due to bodies not ready for the strength you’re talking about here.

1) The majority of studies show that a healthy person taking albuterol does not get a performance improvement. For one thing, except in a small, small % of athletes, ventilation (moving air) is not the limiting factor in performance. The lungs in a healthy person are not the limiting factor (aside from the above mentioned small % of athletes).
2) Clenbuterol is prohibited by the antidoping code. There are no exceptions.
3) EIB is not the same as ADHD. EIB is a reduction in lung function that is measured in a pulmonary function test. There are several tests that can be used. An athlete seeking permission to use one of the allowed meds must have proof of diagnosis. ADHD is less quantifiable.

Eric, your article is fabulous and well written. As a soccer coach who has been teaching and working with kids for 35 years, you have pointed out everything I have said or have wanted to for years! Sports allows us to teach life lessons ~ those that are applicable well beyond a kid’s playing years. Not only are today’s athletes quite different than they were when I first started coaching out of college, so are the parents. Add to the mix that we now have a generation of parents who also played soccer……and “those who think they know it all, bother those of us who do,” as my mentor would say! Thanks for posting such a great read with a wealth of information for parents and coaches.

Why do young athletes take steroids

why do young athletes take steroids


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