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Venomous snakes have an arsenal of toxins in their venoms with various biological functions. While these toxins can create medical emergencies when humans are envenomated, these same molecules once purified, characterized, and cloned could have therapeutic value in treating strokes, heart attacks, preventing the metastasis of tumors, and many other medical conditions. We hypothesize medically important molecules can be discovered from natural products such as snakes. Based on this hypothesis, the focus of this study is to isolate, characterize, produce cDNA libraries, and clone peptides from venomous snakes.

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Zoran Mitrev and I am a beekeeper from Macedonia.
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Zoran Mitrev
Kavadarci, Macedonia

The first antivenom for snakes (called an anti-ophidic serum) was developed by Albert Calmette , a French scientist of the Pasteur Institute working at its Indochine branch in 1895, against the Indian Cobra ( Naja naja ). In 1901, Vital Brazil , working at the Instituto Butantan in São Paulo , Brazil , developed the first monovalent and polyvalent antivenoms for Central and South American Crotalus and Bothrops genera, as well as for certain species of venomous spiders , scorpions , and frogs . [ citation needed ] In Australia, the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) began antivenom research in the 1920s. CSL has developed antivenoms for the redback spider, funnel-web spiders and all deadly Australian snakes. [15]

Venom laboratories steroids

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