Thyroid problems after steroids

Postpartum thyroiditis and autoimmune Graves' disease can both cause hyperthyroidism your baby is born. While postpartum thyroiditis is a far more common cause of hyperthyroidism, it is still important not to miss Graves' disease. You can distinguish postpartum thyroiditis from Graves' hyperthyroidism after pregnancy by symptoms. If you have postpartum thyroiditis, you are not likely to have an enlarged thyroid or eye-related symptoms, which are more common in Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. Postpartum thyroiditis also tends to resolve more quickly.

A variety of physicians may be involved in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid cancer. Primary care professionals may help coordinate care and may be the persons who make the initial diagnosis of thyroid gland abnormalities. Endocrinologists (physicians specializing in endocrine disorders) are specialists who specifically care for the thyroid. Surgeons may operate on the thyroid gland and thyroid cancer; these may be general surgeons or those with special training in head and neck surgery. Interventional radiologists may help with aspiration to obtain tissue samples, but this is also frequently performed by endocrinologists. Radiation oncologists, who are trained to provide radiation therapy treatments, may occasionally be asked to provide treatment. The care of thyroid cancer requires a team approach, but the members vary depending upon geographic location and availability of specialists.

Thyroid problems after steroids

thyroid problems after steroids


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