Thetigerfitness steroids

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Sorry to break it to you; but when your using hormones (prescribed or not) you become not natty. You’re altering the level of testosterone your body is naturally producing. Did he claim that he has a legitimate medical issue? Something wrong with his pituitary function? Tumor? You can go to any of these “anti-aging clinics” and get prescribed to testosterone. I along with many friends have done it. It’s just an excuse to pump your testosterone up to the higher end of the “physiological” spectrum. Def on a higher than therapeutic dose during these periods he puts on twenty pounds of lean mass. He is also def on growth. If he says otherwise, he is a liar. I’ve been around for a while, used plenty of anabolics and I can spot a BS artist.

Thetigerfitness steroids

thetigerfitness steroids


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