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What can I say regarding this scent that hasn't already been said ?

Here goes.... I tested Aventus in store along with many other scents from Creed. There was one that stayed on my coat sleeve for weeks and I could not remember what it was called, I thought it was fantastic and everything I wanted in a scent. At the time I was new to fragrances and had never heard of Creed. I was determined to find out what it was so I read some reviews of Creed scents on here and there was lots of hype regarding Aventus VS Armaf's considerably cheaper alternative. Could this be it I thought? For the money I will give the Armaf a try. My instinct served me well, as soon as I sprayed it this reminded me of Aventus. Yes initially it is a little harsh compared to Aventus as numerous people have mentioned, but give it time and it mellows into the masculine power of Aventus.

To my nose the difference is marginal, and I have had many compliments from men and women whilst wearing this.

I would like to thank the whole Fragrantica community for existing and getting me in touch with this fantastic scent for a fraction of the price.

Top shelf stuff imo...


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Stewie steroids stairs

stewie steroids stairs


stewie steroids stairsstewie steroids stairs