Steroidi danni collaterali

The boys locker room is full of all the make a-listers but the two getting to most attention are Dash and Kwan. They stand by the lockers talking to there followers and chatting about some sport or another, as Danny walks by them not really paying attention but enjoying his day. Upon seeing Danny Dash is about to mess with him, when he pulls his shirt off and Dash can see Danny's extremely hard and toned muscle and he stares at Danny for a long time. Then Kwan seeing Dash zoned out looks over at Danny and they then look at eachother and Dash says in an uncharacteristically small scared voice as they both sweat immensely. "Ten b-b-bucks it's steroids."

Clearly she is using growth hormones and steroids to one extent or another.

As is the case with many young, attractive women bodybuilders, Ms. Reardon has built up a lot of strength and awesome muscle and is staying quite attractive for the time being.
But inevitably, IF she continues down this path (of hormones/steroids) for some unknown number of years, she will cross over the line and lose her natural beauty at a relatively young age.

Everyone in the bodybuilding world is aware of this, and we've all seen countless examples. She will ultimately make her choices, and that's that.
For now, she seems like a sweetheart of a woman with tremendous determination to be very strong and muscular, as well as to win physique/fbb contests.

I'm not judging anyone here; just the facts, ma'am.

Steroidi danni collaterali

steroidi danni collaterali


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