Steroid pack for poison oak

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Years ago I met a nice young man a couple of days before a trip to Europe with my parents. He had a mild case of poison oak (west coast, no poison ivy here, but our plant is just as nasty!). "Don't worry," I said, "I am completely immune to the stuff (I had been!)."

Well, a couple days later in Vienna, I started itching and scratching and sure enough, a nasty case of poison oak was breaking out all over (don't ask) my body.

That is when I (and my parents, and I had to come up with an interesting story) found out that there isn't any poison oak/ivy in Europe, at least not in Austria. The pharmacist gave me an over the counter antihistamine and some type of topical gel for insect bites/ skin rashes, etc.

The treatment helped but not a lot -- I remember slathering my skin with plain yogurt in the hotel to soothe it, and just trying to deal with the itchiness.

And the guy? Well, the relationship evolved into a long and mostly happy marriage which, sadly, recently there a moral in this story? hmmm

The only success I ever had at eradicating poison vines from trees was to cut the vine 6-8″ from the ground, pour half a cup of a strong defoliant solution into a baggie, and tie it securely around the end going up into the tree with a twist-tie. Soak the other end in a similar solution and cover it with heavy black plastic, securing it also. Be sure to wear disposable gloves. Strip them off by turning them inside out and dispose of them immediately, then wash your hands with Tecnu or Dawn. Do Not touch your face!! Check the base area of your tree the following spring for re-emergence and re-treat as needed. As someone who is allergic to Virginia creeper, I also advise the purchase and use of a nail brush.

Steroid pack for poison oak

steroid pack for poison oak


steroid pack for poison oaksteroid pack for poison oaksteroid pack for poison oaksteroid pack for poison oaksteroid pack for poison oak