Steroid hepatopathy in dogs

Idiopathic refers to a condition which has an unknown cause. the diagnosis is often seen in older dogs that are not on steroids or who are not suffering from  a disease related to chronic stress.  These conditions appear similar to liver disorders that are seen when a dog is on steroids. There is also an absence of lab tests which indicate a problem such as Cushing’s disease or other chronic disorder.  Dogs receiving this diagnosis usually have elevated levels of the liver enzyme ALP as well as abnormal concentrations of hormones such as progesterone, estradiol DHEAS-S or Hydroxy-progesterone.

Zycortal® (Dechra Veterinary Products) is indicated for replacement therapy for mineralocorticoid deficiency in dogs with primary hypoadrenocorticism.  Zycortal contains desoxycortone pivalate (DOCP) – an aldosterone analogue with purely mineralocorticoid effect.  Zycortal is available as a prolonged-release suspension for subcutaneous injection and the dosing interval is approximately 25 days.  The exact dose to be given and the interval between treatments depend on the dog’s clinical response as well as sodium and potassium levels.  A glucocorticoid (. prednisolone) is also needed daily to replace the missing cortisol.  To obtain a Monitoring and Dose Adjustment Flowchart, or for further advice, contact Dechra by e-mailing [email protected]

Steroid hepatopathy in dogs

steroid hepatopathy in dogs


steroid hepatopathy in dogssteroid hepatopathy in dogssteroid hepatopathy in dogssteroid hepatopathy in dogssteroid hepatopathy in dogs