Russian steroid dog

Do not stop giving your pet these drugs abruptly, as this can have life-threatening consequences. Ask your vet about weaning your dog off of them slowly. You should let your veterinarian know if your dog is on any other medications, as these can react badly with prednisone or prednisolone. A vet should be consulted for dogs that are pregnant, and puppies that are too young should not get these drugs as they can inhibit growth and cause other problems. Diabetic dogs should also not take them. Overdose can lead to itching, seizures, loss of hearing, weakness, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, or heart problems. Follow your veterinarian’s dosage guidelines and contact your vet if you see signs of any serious symptoms.

First off I want to say that I love this food, just switched my golden pup to it. After deciding that kibble was a no go, and that balancing homemade meals was a little too much work for what little free time I have, I chose this option. This gives me piece of mind knowing that Zola is getting a high quality diet, with the proper balance of minerals/vitamins/proteins that she needs to be healthy. I can also supplement some of it with homemade recipes which gives her variety and cuts down the cost of the raw food. Say no to kibble, go RAW! or go to the vet, whichever you prefer I suppose.

Russian steroid dog

russian steroid dog


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