List of mineralocorticosteroids

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The list was developed in collaboration with the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Tübingen, Germany, using a multi-criteria decision analysis technique vetted by a group of international experts. The criteria for selecting pathogens on the list were: how deadly the infections they cause are; whether their treatment requires long hospital stays; how frequently they are resistant to existing antibiotics when people in communities catch them; how easily they spread between animals, from animals to humans, and from person to person; whether they can be prevented (. through good hygiene and vaccination); how many treatment options remain; and whether new antibiotics to treat them are already in the R&D pipeline.

List of mineralocorticosteroids

list of mineralocorticosteroids


list of mineralocorticosteroidslist of mineralocorticosteroidslist of mineralocorticosteroidslist of mineralocorticosteroidslist of mineralocorticosteroids