List of medical uses of steroids

There are a number of in vitro clinical tests which employ radioactive reagents, but the most important one in present use is the radioimmunoassay (RIA) for body is an exceedingly sensitive technique that is capable of measuring most hormones at the nanogram to picogram level. It is also very specific since the antibody binds its specific hormone very selectively. A surprisingly wide range of hormones and other antigens can be assayed by this method. A few examples are assays for insulin, thyroxine, prostaglandins, digitoxin, human growth hormone, and the “hepatitis associated” antigen, the test for which can minimize hepatitis injection through blood transfusions by pre-testing donors.

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List of medical uses of steroids

list of medical uses of steroids


list of medical uses of steroidslist of medical uses of steroidslist of medical uses of steroidslist of medical uses of steroidslist of medical uses of steroids