List of hockey players who used steroids

Jagr has won it all, Stanley Cup, Olympics and WC with Czech National Team, also Hart Trophy and Art Ross Trophy.. Never say no to his homeland, fantastic player..

Even if I am swede (Finland biggest rival) I am so impressed of Selänne, MVP in Olympics both 2006 and 2014. Unbelieveable talented player scoring 132 points as a rookie in the NHL, showed in Sochi (OG) how intelligent player he is, so glad for him he won Stanley Cup with Ducks..

Now I come to "our own players" Lidström, Forsberg and Sundin..

Lidström: 4 Stanley Cup, 7 Norris Trophy, 1 Conn Smythe Trophy also won the OG with Sweden (did the clinching goal in the Final) and WC (1991). That says it all, also a fantastic leader both on and of the ice..

Forsberg: Almost all the kids here in Sweden had him as a idol when they grew up.. Sweden´s most talented player ever, so much skills and so much fighing spirit.. U knowed when he was on your team that the game never was over, always fighting to the end, hate to lose..

2 Stanley Cup, 2 gold in the Olympic Games (clinching penalty goal against Canada in the Final 1994, classic goal in Swedish hockey history), 2 golds in WC, also won Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy.. Member of Triple Gold Club (SC, OG, WC) at the age of 22, did 31 Points a 7 games in the U20 WC, probably an unbeatable reord..

Without injuries he would be even bigger..

Sundin: Fantastic player and leader that hasn´t the same luck as Lidström and Forsberg with good teammates in the NHL.. When Lidström had good player as Yzerman, Fedorov, Zetterberg, Datsyuk and more.. Forsberg had Sakic, Blake, Roy and more, Sundin had almost nothing in Maple Leafs..

Now he had to lead the club by his own and did it very well, but with better players around him, his NHL-career had been bigger, sad but true.. Very loyal player..
the Swedish National Team ever..

1991, same year as he should get 20 years, he shoot Sweden to Gold Medal in WC and break down the Soviets dominance of international hockey..

He also won the WC 1992 and 1998, but the biggest moment of his career was of course when he lead the Swedish National Team as captain to the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games 2006..

Almost every time Sundin played for his country he was a dominant player in the tournaments and often was in the All-Star Team..

List of hockey players who used steroids

list of hockey players who used steroids


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