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Almost all of the former stars revealed that the ywould be interested in doing some kind of reunion, though we never expected Snooki and JWoww to sign on for a full show. Just months earlier JWoww said that the crew “always said that we would take a nice vacation with each other for like 10-14 days. Nothing more because we’d end up killing each other,” to  E! News .  On top of that, she said that “if we’re married or have kids, they’d have to be there because we can’t miss them! But no more than like 14 days because we’d probably go back to our old days. I’m old now, I can’t handle a hangover like I did.” Well, it looks like she’s going to give it the ol’ college try! So far there’s no word on if the duo’s kids will be joining.

The cast of Jersey Shore appeared on the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2010. [97] Nicole Polizzi appeared on TLC 's Cake Boss episode "Snookie, Super Anthony & a Ship" on November 8, 2010, in which she orders a cake for her mom. Polizzi also appeared on the March 14, 2011 edition of WWE Raw as the guest host and she wrestled a professional wrestling match on April 4, 2011 at WrestleMania XXVII . [98] Jennifer Farley and Angelina Pivarnick appeared on various episodes of TNA Impact in 2011. [99] [100] The cast of Jersey Shore appears on MTV's Season 4 of Disaster Date, starring Jen Lilley, Lauren Zima, Cale Hartmann, Jason Karasev, Russell Pitts, Hasan Minhaj , Diarra Kilpatrick, and Kara Luiz. [101] Angelina Pivarnick appeared in the show NY Ink in which she got a tattoo that shows her time in Jersey Shore.

Jersey shore season 6 steroids

jersey shore season 6 steroids


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