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Im not using inverted logic, you have biased it favour of 12 round fighters…as you would know, 12 rounders are subjected to LONGER 3minute rounds, the longer the fight goes on into the later rounds the HARDER' it is to knock fighters out!,(hypercritical since that is wlads strength right?) as you have warped these statics, you have also negativly affected the ko ratio, as 12 round fights are LONGER ROUNDS and 15 rounds are SHORTER rounds by chopping off the top end you are giving the oldies a massive dissadvantges..
1)You have given the old fighters LESS time to complete the knockout…(3min RD VS only 2min RD )

On-the-field forms of deviance are often in that grey area somewhere between acts considered ‘part of the game’ (taking a cheap shot at an opponent when the referee is not looking) and those that ‘cross the line.’ They too can be either violent or nonviolent. In baseball, the ‘brush-back’ pitch (pitching the ball very close to, or deliberately hitting, the batter) is a common method of ‘sending a message’ to an opponent, usually in retaliation for some previous event. Officially banned by Major League Baseball rules, it is considered an ‘acceptable’ form of deviant behavior among the players. Other problems include poor sportsmanship; dirty play; illegal equipment (., ‘corked’ baseball bats, or illegal stick length in hockey and lacrosse); and taunting. A couple of specific cases of on-the-field violence involved basketball player Latrell Sprewell, who was suspended from league play for choking his coach, and hockey’s Marty McSorley, whose behavior crossed the line between the unsporting and the criminal when he used his hockey stick to sucker-punch wingman Donald Brasher. The blow gave Brasher serious concussion, leaving his career in doubt.

Holyfield tyson steroids

holyfield tyson steroids


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