Giving steroids for croup

I quit smoking 3 weeks ago with the help of Chantix, which is great for cravings and mood swings. The first week I felt fine, the second week I had a sore throat and ear ache. I was given Antibiotics, which really didn't help. I did tell the Dr. that I had quit smoking. Week two the throat pain and ear ache were almost gone, but the chest and upper back started hurting. Went to the Dr. again, this time the same Dr. that prescript the Chantix. I also told him that I had quit...he prescript Steroids for an "inflammed" nerve in my back and meds for Heartburn. Week three, my chest and back still hurt, I burp a lot now, and started having a "strong" heart beat that I can feel in my throat and middle of my chest.
I have call in to the Dr. to see if these are side effects from the Chantix or from quitting. I will let you know what he says.

I’m an adult (47) and just got diagnosed with pertussis and am taking antibiotics. I just wanted to add that the antibiotics really helped! I still sound the same, but my throat feels much much better; I had the “tickle” in the throat that is listed as a symptom (which I think contributes to the gagging and throwing up people get!), in my case I thought maybe I had a feather lodged in my throat, so “tickle” it was not! That symptom which had been there a week, was gone almost 100% within maybe 20 hours of being on the antibiotic. I’m not all clear of the cough, so obviously I’m hoping my healing trajectory will continue. I just wanted to say I felt the antibiotics were extremely helpful and I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer. Also, of course I do not want to be contagious to anyone else. There are sometimes when I’m so grateful for western medicine, this was one time. I’m also using peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil, which really helps a lot. For a kid it might sting so a lot of carrier oil would be great. Also I’ve been drinking throat comfort herbal tea, which really helps keep the cough calm. Thanks for the article!

The word croup comes from the Early Modern English verb croup , meaning "to cry hoarsely"; the name was first applied to the disease in Scotland and popularized in the 18th century. [16] Diphtheritic croup has been known since the time of Homer 's Ancient Greece and it was not until 1826 that viral croup was differentiated from croup due to diphtheria by Bretonneau . [9] [14] Viral croup was then called "faux-croup" by the French and often called "false croup" in English, [17] [18] as "croup" or "true croup" then most often referred to the disease caused by the diphtheria bacterium . [19] [20] False croup has also been known as pseudo croup or spasmodic croup. [21] Croup due to diphtheria has become nearly unknown in affluent countries in modern times due to the advent of effective immunization . [9] [22]

Giving steroids for croup

giving steroids for croup


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