Danger of steroid eye drops

There are a variety of medical symptoms that you might experience once you realize that you are farsighted, and the majority of them are common amongst people who need glasses around the world. First, headaches are typically a very common symptom simply because when you cannot focus on things up close, you have to squint. Squinting puts an insurmountable amount of strain on your eyes, which can build up pressure in the brain and cause headaches. At times, it can also make you feel extremely fatigued while you are working on a project up close.

My puppy (chihuahua Yorkie mix)started scratching his eyes when he was about 4 months old. I took him to the vet and he scraped him and said it was demodectic mites. He was treated with bravecto to kill the mites and a antihistamine because of his constant scratching. In about 2 weeks he started to re grow the hair around his eyes. He was re scraped 2 weeks later and showed no mites. A few weeks after that he was back at the vet for scratching and losing hair again. He was again scraped and since it had been 2 months since the first bravecto treatment he gave him another bravecto pill and an antibiotic because of infection and a stronger antihistamine. It has been 2 and a half weeks and his eyes are worse and his scratching has not stopped. I am thinking that the cause is not at all demodectic mites. Could it simply be allergies? Poor baby is always scratching and now starting to make the skin around his eyes raw.

Danger of steroid eye drops

danger of steroid eye drops


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