Bodybuilders who died from steroids

Miss Campbell is the perfect example of dedication to bodybuilding. She works out two hours a day and maintains a strict meal plan. She eats seven chicken breasts and consumes about 4,000 calories. And that’s just in a 12 hour period, not even an entire day! Her nutrition intake is so precise, she carries a small scale with her to weigh her food, even when she goes to eat out. This is the level of dedication needed to look like Rene Campbell. So, ladies don’t worry about getting big if you replace treadmill running with squatting.

Unfortunately there exists no test that can determine a bodybuilder's detailed drug use in the far past, and doping test results are very easy to manipulate . Therefore, if you really want to know whether a bodybuilder is true natural, or which drugs he has been using to build his physique, you will have to ask him. The standard answer to this question is, however, always "No, I have never used any drugs". However, if you get to know the guy better, develop some friendship, give him some complements on his physique, and especially if he thinks that you are a drug user yourself or interested in becoming one, he might well loosen up and start telling you at least part of his true story.

These are the most famous male bodybuilders , listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. This greatest male bodybuilders list contains the most prominent and top males known for being bodybuilders and their bodybuilding career. Hopefully, none of these popular bodybuilders end up on our lists of the worst types of gym people or these creepy pictures of bodybuilders . There are hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones throughout history. 

This list includes bodybuilding icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno - some of the most famous male bodybuilders, and probably the two most famous bodybuilders ever, icons of when this "muscle sport" got its prominence in the 1970s. Photos on this list tend to be from the "classic period" of a given bodybuilder. Featuring white bodybuilders, black bodybuilders, and modern day bodybuilders, this list has many familiar names of the bodybuilding world. 

While this isn't a list of all male bodybuilders who have competed professionally, it does represent who the best male bodybuilders are.

Bodybuilders who died from steroids

bodybuilders who died from steroids


bodybuilders who died from steroidsbodybuilders who died from steroidsbodybuilders who died from steroidsbodybuilders who died from steroidsbodybuilders who died from steroids