Asthma medications inhaled steroids

If you have a serious asthma attack (exacerbation), your doctor may prescribe a short course of oral c orticosteroids. When used orally for less than two weeks, the side effects of corticosteroids are less likely, but when used for many months, they can have a serious and permanent effect. After the severe symptoms of your asthma attack have been successfully treated and controlled, your doctor will work with you to minimize your need for prednisone in the future. Faithfully taking an inhaled corticosteroid every day is the most commonly successful method to do this.

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Asthma attacks occur when a person is exposed to "triggers," or conditions that can set off an attack. Common asthma triggers include:

cAllergens (trees, pollen, dust, animal dander, cockroaches, etc.)
- Air irritants (smoke, chemical fumes, strong odors)
- Some illnesses (such as the flu, sinus infection, or upper respiratory tract infection)
- Strenuous exercise
- Extreme weather conditions
- Strong emotions that may change your normal breathing patterns
Before an asthma attack some common warning signs include an increased need for quick-relief medications (rescue medications), worsening cough, shortness of breath, and lower exercise

Asthma medications inhaled steroids

asthma medications inhaled steroids


asthma medications inhaled steroidsasthma medications inhaled steroidsasthma medications inhaled steroidsasthma medications inhaled steroidsasthma medications inhaled steroids