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I’ve discovered an awesome way to increase the nutritional potency of a salad. Please try this a couple times to see if it has the same effect on you. I have been making a caesar salad “undressing” with probiotic yogurt and the results are amazing. The yogurt is a base instead of soy or canola. I add all the standard flavourings; Apple cider vinegar, garlic etc. Then I put it on an arugula salad containing about half a package of arugula and some seeds, dried cranberries etc. Arugula has the highest nitrate content and the probiotics activate the nitric oxide process immediately. This means in 4 hours I get the maximum boost possible leading to super increase in energy. I also get a the most powerful erection ever, consistently every time. It’s a great pump for a workout and good for the heart. The oil in a salad is the unhealthiest part of a salad. But probiotics increase the nitric oxide activity of your gut.

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    Anabolic state price

    anabolic state price


    anabolic state priceanabolic state priceanabolic state priceanabolic state priceanabolic state price