Anabolic protein 4kg

Nice article, we can see you did put your time into it. Maybe you could do an article about gluten, milk, etc… I don’t know if that was the kinda suggestions you meant, maybe you wanted more general diet related stuff. Anyways I ask, because I consider myself quite knowledgeable about nutrition. But, there is so much opinion on, say gluten for example, I have read it has cocaine like effects on the brain??, same for milk, they say heat denatures everything, or its pumped full of hormones and steroids, but surely digestion breaks all that down? Also, you say to have little fat post workout, Alan Aragon, in this article http:///muscle-gain/an-objective-comparison-of-chocolate-milk-and-surge- showed that some fat increased protein synthesis, though it is only one study, so no major conclusion can really be drawn.

What is added to your Beef Protein Isolate?
Bulk Nutrients Beef protein Isolate is simply 100% Beef Protein with minimal flavours and sweetener. Many companies add gums, maltodextrin and other fillers as well as amino acids to try to “enhance” their Beef proteins. We like to keep our products as pure as possible, so unless we are selling a blended protein (which we are not in this case), the product is effectively just the raw ingredient + flavouring and sweetener (which is added at between 1 and 4% - flavour depending).

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Anabolic protein 4kg

anabolic protein 4kg


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