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Now it turns out that Nick uncovered the real truth that Chloe is responsible, Victor is in on it, and he’s got to find out what happened to his brother so he can give Chelsea some peace. But the real question now is whether Adam Newman is alive. The answer is YES. He is alive, and he will be back. But, fans can’t get too excited at the moment, because he will not be the same face you’ve seen for the past three years. Justin Hartley will not be back to portray the role of Adam Newman. Instead, it looks as if the original Adam, Michael Muhney, since 2009 will be back to play the role. He shot some scenes recently as the allegedly deceased Adam Newman, and we have a feeling this means he’s back for good.

The minute Adams income changes, he can file the paperwork to recalculate child change in order is effective the date of filing regardless when the conference is. For child support, no one needs an attorney UNLESS they request a De Novo hearing and that will be scheduled for a later date. So it will cost Adam no money to file and get his payment reduced when his income decreases. Hell, he should be happy Chelsea didn’t have the order changed sooner. He got off easy the past 6 yrs. And the talk is that teen mom will be ended soon. Therefore, he may only have to pay the higher amount for 4- 5 years max?! If it ends soon then maybe a year or 2? that’s better than 6 plus yes to date. Ppl like Adam need to see the big picture and know Chelsea wasn’t just out for his money beings she never took him back for child support.

Adam raw steroids

adam raw steroids


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